These are all the things you can submit to / for at We Make Movies:

  • Sign Up For Our Weekly Newsletters
    Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay informed about our workshops, special events, featured content, opportunities & perks for the community. The newsletter is delivered via email every Monday and we value your privacy so you will not be added to any promotional or other spammy lists.
  • Submit A Script For A Future Writers’ Workshop
    Writers, want to hear your words aloud and find out if elements such as pacing and your arc are working? Send us up to 15 pages of your script (features, shorts, series all accepted) to be added to the queue for our “Something To Do On A Wednesday Night ‘Til You Get Really Famous” Workshop Night, where you’ll hear actors breathe life into your characters and you’ll get constructive feedback on your piece.
  • Read At Our Next Writers’ Workshop
    Actors, tired of waiting to be called in by your agent or even secure an agent? Sign up to read at our next “Something To Do On A Wednesday Night ‘Til You Get Really Famous” Workshop Night, where we give actors a chance to get up and play so writers can hear their words out loud and receive feedback afterwords.
  • Submit To Our Next “Up On Your Feet” Night
    Want the opportunity to show the community a more polished version of your craft? Actors, showcase, in depth, characters and elements of your talent that the community may not have seen yet. Writers, see how your staging and action comes to life. Directors, show us your vision of a piece. Sign up to simulate the real life collaboration that happens when a film is actually shooting.
  • Submit A Piece For Our Next “What’s Next” Night
    Sign up to bring your “in-development” projects to the next step of development. At each event we will allow 4-5 different filmmakers (or teams) to present whatever they want (up to a limit of 15 minutes) from their current projects, for feedback from our regular supportive community.
  • Submit A Shout-Out To Go Out On Our Social Networks
    Got a project you are excited about releasing? An accomplishment within the industry you wish to share with your community? Your news is our news! WMM is happy to give you some free press via social media, so your send us a message with your specifics, handles & hashtags and we will blast it out for you.



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