Layover – The Film

Two strangers, a down­ on ­his ­luck salesman and a

Halloween Got Real! “Scare Auditions” – WMM Sketch #25

scare sketch
Isn’t the f*cking state of the world scary enough this

“Frankenstein Phone Date” WMM Sketch #24

They’re a match made in hell… Director/Editor – Christopher Frederick

“Shrunken Bar” WMM Sketch #23

sketch show
This bar is Freud’s wet dream… Director/Editor – Sam Mestman
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the value of connections

tech and trade - chad kukahiko
for just over two years, the Pebble Kickstarter campaign held

How to Transition into Traditional Media

new media mondays - valentina vee
Many Internet celebrities have turned their skills and their fans’ purchasing

There’s A Reason They Call It A PLAY

f-it fridays - plain
“What are you doing for the weekend?” “Well, I really
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WMM Film Central Podcast: #03: Alex4D and Apple’s code of silence

On this Episode of WMM Film Central, Sam talks with

WMM Film Central Podcast: #02: Yekra CEO Lee Waterworth

On this episode of WMM Film Central, Sam talks with

How We Make Movies – SPACE STATION 76

Writer/Director Jack Plotnick and Producer Rachel Ward discuss his latest
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