Submitting a script to the Writers’ Workshop is a two-step process that will get your script into the queue. Our usual wait time is anywhere from one to three months depending on how backed up we are with submitted scripts.

The first step is to pay $10 for scripts of 8 to 15 pages (the limit is 15), or $5 for scripts of 1 to 7 pages. The cover page is NOT included in the page count btw. Use the payment button below to make that payment. IF you are a paid We Make Movies Regular (which you are if you are paying – or if somebody else has sponsored you – at $20 or more per month via our Patreon campaign), you get a free script submission waiver once per quarter.

[Please NOTE that the submission waiver is good for one script regardless of the size. If you use it for a script that’s less than 8 pages, you’ve used it for that quarter regardless of it’s size and you do NOT get another. So please keep that in mind as you choose to use your submission waiver.]

Submit your script for the workshop

If you have a waiver to use or you’ve already paid to the Paypal campaign, go ahead and send a PDF of the script you’re submitting to with either notification that you’d like to use your outstanding submission waiver or with proof of your Paypal payment. please remember that your waiver is determined by the date you submit, NOT by the date you read, and payment or waiver only get you into the queue. The queue is managed by first-come, first-served, so depending on how many other scripts have already paid (or waived) and submitted, it could take several weeks before your script is scheduled to be read.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email them to and we’ll address then as soon as we can.

– We Make Movies workshops

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