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Screenwriter’s Guide to Finding a Hollywood Manager or Agent

The storyline: original. The structure: powerful.  The characters: well-developed. The climax: mind-altering.  The payoff: worth every single moment of



Formatting Your Script – The Basics

I’ve been asked by some people how to properly format a script. Note that

App of the Week – DSLR Toolkit

Welcome to this week’s “App of the Week” column. You know, the writing quality

Patrick Duncan

My full name is Patrick Coleman Duncan. I am an actor/writer/producer/director/editor (listed chronologically from

David August

David August starred in and produced “127 Seconds” which has just begun its festival

Jesse Nelson

Find me at or keep up with my everyday happenings at

Aaron Brenner – for reel, headshots, video links Member of the Knightsbridge Theatre Company

Yce Tan

Yce Tan is an actress who migrated from the Philippines in 2000. During her

Christian Lagadec

Christian Lagadec started his acting career being chased by zombies, which he considers a

5 Broken Cameras: Home Videos Evolve into Stirring Film on Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Wall

The award-winning new documentary, “5 Broken Cameras,” tells the story of a Palestinian farmer

Steve Humphreys

Steve recently starred in Elegy For A Revolutionary which premiered at Dances With Films.

Jeremiah Benjamin

I have acted in several independent films and theatrical productions, and am excited to

Johanna Marshall

I am a true blue New Yorker who migrated to california in 1977. Also

Marcia Battise

Marcia Battise starred as Miriam Maduba in Paul Van Zyl’s (AFI Director) “Elegy-For A

Reena Dutt

Actor • Producer • Director • Food Lover NYC: Slamdance, NAATCO, HERE!, Miller Theatre,

Sean Michael Boozer

Sean Michael Boozer is a SAG-AFTRA actor who studied Theatre at NAU and has

Lauren Eilola

I love comedy but I have my dramatic moments as well. I can do

Zoey Grayce

Acting is my first love, I’m good at casting and produced one film which

Donald Watson

SAG Actor 20 yrs IMDB, actors access, LA casting, the actors network, NY

Peter Pasco

Peter Pasco hails from the Bronx just like J-LO, Regis Philben, and Ronnie from

Ashli Haynes

Ashli Haynes has known from the ripe young age of 3 that she was

Allie Costa

Allie Costa is an actress working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. She loves

Audriena Comeaux

Audriena Comeaux is an Actress and Print Model born and raised in Chicago, IL.

Wren Witting

Wren grew up in Chicago and attended Butler University where she received a BA

Dev Bajaj

I am an Indian born American actor who first began may foray into entertainment