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WMM: Film Central #13 – The evolution of FCPX (feat. Richard Taylor)

This week on Film Central, we’re back to talking FCPX and we take a

WMM: Film Central #12 – Replacing Yekra for Online Distribution (feat. Brad Brown)

As a proactive follow up to last week’s podcast about Youtube for filmmakers with

WMM: Film Central #11 – Is YouTube good for Content Creators? (Feat. Valentina Vee)

  Awhile back, Sam wrote a rant about how Youtube wasn’t good for creators.

WMM: Film Central #10 – Why Motion is Worth Your Time (feat. Mark Spencer)

If there’s anyone in the world to talk to about Motion, it’s Ripple Training’s Mark

WMM: Film Central #09 – The Past, Present, and Future (Feat. Neil Smith)

On this episode of Film Central, the real life Doc Brown of the Post Production

WMM: Film Central #08 – Focus-ing on FCPX (feat. Mike Matzdorff)

This week’s Film Central is a long time coming… Sam’s been waiting almost two years

WMM: Film Central #07 – Lumberjacked (Feat. Philip Hodgetts)

This episode of Film Central is with the smartest man in post production, the

WMM: Film Central #06 – DJ Turned Filmmaker (Feat. Dirty South)

This week’s episode on Film Central is all about the world renowned DJ Dirty

WMM: Film Central #05 – The Future of Broadcasting (Peter Wiggins)

This week on Film Central is the one and only Peter Wiggins from Sam’s

WMM: Film Central #04 – The Uber of Filmmaking (Chad Kukahiko)

We Make Movies’ COO Chad Kukahiko comes on to the show to talk to

WMM Film Central Podcast: #03: Alex4D and Apple’s code of silence

On this Episode of WMM Film Central, Sam talks with Alex Gollner (Alex4D) about

WMM Film Central Podcast: #02: Yekra CEO Lee Waterworth

On this episode of WMM Film Central, Sam talks with the CEO of digital

WMM Film Central Podcast: #01: Chris Fenwick

We Make Movies Film Central is all about how to thrive in the film