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THE MIX – Posted 1/22/15

Production: The MixContact: Chris MollicaContact Email: chrisandotherstuff@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 323.829.3499Location: Los Angeles Needed: Camera Assistant $100/day – help with

Gentle Werewolf (Camera Test) – Posted on 1/12/15

Production: Gentle Werewolf (Camera Test)Contact: Brendan WeinholdContact Email: buskingjourney@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 213.984.5527Location: Los Angeles We are looking for

COITUS OF THE WEEK – Posted 1/4/15

Production: Coitus of the WeekContact: Zack Van EyckContact Email: writtenbyzack@hotmail.comContact Phone Number: 310-975-9231Location: Los Angeles This is for

Tea-Bagging With Friends – Posted 11/21/14

Production: “Tea-Bagging with Friends”Contact: Jasmine MarieContact Email: jasmine.ecaterina.marie@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 727.644.1241Location: Los Angeles This is a round-table comedy

THE BRIDAL SHOWER – Posted 11/3/14

Production: The Bridal ShowerContact: Tehana F. WeeksContact Email: fatimatehana@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 818.588.7045Location: Los Angeles Some friends and I

Doritos – On The Run (new) – Posted 10/17/14

Production: Make-Up and PAs for Doritos SpecContact: Robert DiTillioContact Email: rditillio@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 818-358-4217Location: Los Angeles Along with

DORITOS – ON THE RUN – Posted 10/14/14

Production: Doritos – On The RunContact: Robert DiTillioContact Email: rditillio@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 323-240-1281Location: Los Angeles Along with some


Production: Sane Asylum Sketch ShowContact: Michael BeardsleyContact Email: Mike@MichaelBeardsley.comContact Phone Number: 818-613-2690Location: Los Angeles Looking for a videographer

LIFE’S LEMONADE – Posted 10/3/14

Production: Life’s LemonadeContact: Eric Weiher and LJ JohnsonContact Email: eric.weiher@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 630-532-0723Location: Los Angeles LJ Johnson and


Production: Shakespeare’s MotherContact: Travis StanberryContact Email: t.stanberry@charter.netContact Phone Number: 626-483-2374Location: Los Angeles I need a decent camera – not

SKIP THE YOUTH – Posted 9/8/14

Production: Skip the YouthContact: Collin BlairContact Email: collinblair@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 310-801-7313Location: Los Angeles House needed for film shoot


Production: Special Little AngelsContact: Tary Arts ProductionContact Email: info@gabbytary.comContact Phone Number: 310-383-0503Location: Los Angeles We need a camera

PACIFIC EDGE – Posted 8/31/14

Production: PACIFIC EDGEContact: Maggie GrantContact Email: oneinthecannes@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 310 717 6937Location: Los Angeles Hello! I screened my


Production: Escaping the HolocaustContact: Lee FobertContact Email: leefobert@gmail.comContact Phone Number: 801-518-8529Location: Los Angeles Hello,I’m looking for an unfinished

ADOPTATION – Posted 7/15/14

Production: Adopatation Contact: Jonathan Montepare Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 617-966-9424 Location: Los Angeles Hi,I’m looking for

We Make Movies Screening Night – Posted 7/11/14

Production: We Make Movies Screening Night Contact: Eric Michael Kochmer Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 347.418.7133 Location:

MOMMA – Posted 7/8/14

Production: Momma (4 minutes) Contact: Anna Simone Scott – Director Contact Email: Contact

STEPS – Posted 7/3/14

Production: STEPS Contact: Chad Kukahiko / Kendall Kanoa Hawley Contact Email: /

AS GOOD AS YOU – Posted 6/17/14

Production: AS GOOD AS YOU Contact: Reena Dutt Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 323-333-4694 Location: Los Angeles AS

Damaged – Posted 6/16/14

Production: Damaged Contact: Douglas Knox Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 310-279-6803 Location: Los Angeles Jamie Suraci and

Ideal – Posted 6/5/14

Production: Ideal Contact: Jared Parsons Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 323.428.4026 Location: Los Angeles G/E PA help needed

Production & Casting Needs – Posted 5/24/14

Production: The REV at The Church of E.L.V.I.S.$. Contact: Markhum Stansbury, Jr. Contact Email: Contact Phone

Classic Alice – Posted 5/16/14

Production: Classic Alice Contact: Aaron Matthew KaiserContact Email: Contact Phone Number: 818-217-0050 Location: Los Angeles LOCATION NEED: We

Zen Contest – Posted 5/8/14

Production: Zen Contest Contact: Heather FusariContact Email: Contact Phone Number: 347.768.0412 Location: Los Angeles Working on Pre-production of

Planting the Seed – Posted 5/6/14

Production: Planting the Seed Contact: Tiffany Antone Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 818-207-7821 Location: Los Angeles Little Black

Interrogation: A SciFi Webseries – Posted 5/1/14

Production: Interrogation: A SciFi Webseries Contact: Britain Valenti Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: 504.616.3606 Location: Los Angeles Sound