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Co-producers/Co-writers Sapna Gandhi & Anisa Alamia met at We Make Movies. Inspired by comedic giants such as Tracy Ullman, Key & Peele & 5 Second Films, the duo set out to unveil a plethora of characters in various scenarios and comedic modalities with this micro-short daily series, BROAD STROKES.

The innovative launch rolled out fresh episodes based on daily themes:

Mondays = Pessimistic Fortune Cookies
Tuesdays = #smh tuesdays
Wednesdays = Hump Day How-To’s
Thursdays = Dating Ambiguities and Other Atrocities
Fridays = Film Noir Fridays

BROAD STROKES boasts an impressive pool of talent from television, film and stage, in front of and behind the camera. Although all 40 micro-shorts were edited by Ambika Leigh, to ensure a cohesive finesse to the project, Gandhi and Alamia handpicked five different directors to execute their vision for the five thematic days.

Mondays have a commercial stamp from Scott Kieffer Johnson, Tuesdays are infused with Rachel Grissom’s darker sensibility, and Wednesdays offer the more absurdist, broader style of Sam Mestman. The rest of the week is rounded out by Ambika Leigh’s insightful timing on Thursdays and Eric Michael Kochmer’s slick and stylized film noir gems. The project also includes award-winning cinematographers Sam Rosenthal and Patrick McGinley behind the camera as well as a bevy of guest stars.

Check them out on our site here individually.

Or watch them ALL directly below:

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5 Days. 5 Themes. 5 Directors. 40 Micro-Shorts.
Come for the Fortunes. Stay for the Noir.

Take A Break With Broad Strokes.

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