WE MAKE MOVIES wants to make the movie industry a better place. We’re a community of filmmakers dedicated to empowering each other to make movies on our own terms. We offer an arsenal of tools: resources, knowledge, and the support of a community of passionate people who want to make the work that inspires them.

Founded in 2009, WMM is an exponentially growing international community of more than 4000 people. The WMM community has directly funded 18 films. In addition, more than 80 shorts and 6 features and the WMM Sketch Show (with over 40 sketches) have been produced after being developed through its workshops.

How WE MAKE MOVIES does it:

▶ Workshops – Weekly Los Angeles events consistently attended by a standing room only crowd of 70-120 people. Our original screenwriters’ workshop, “Something To Do On A Wednesday Night  ‘Til You Get Really Famous” provides a place for actors to hone and share their talents while writers benefit from hearing their work aloud as well as constructive feedback. Improv Night and Improv Games Night have been popular staples since 2012 and give actors a chance to exercise their muscles in a relaxed, commitment free environment. “What’s Next” is our newest addition in which filmmakers bring in projects in various stages of production for  feedback and assistance. A countless number of projects and filmmaking relationships have been cultivated through all of these workshops.

▶ Partnerships – Relationships with Apple, Lumaforge, YouTube Space LA, New Filmmakers Los Angeles, The Hollywood Fringe Festival, Microsoft and many more – to name-drop a few.

▶ Our Website – WeMakeMovies.org is an extraordinary resource for independent filmmakers with an enormous database of curated articles, community member profiles, casting and production needs, and a plethora of original content, including our own resource-laden, 160 page e-Book, the We Make Movies Filmmaking Survival Guide.

▶ Original Educational Programming – How We Make Movies, our hour-long video podcast interviewing industry professionals. WMM Film Geeks, our weekly online podcast discussing the latest filmmaking events and trends. WMM U, our series of tutorials on how to use the newest innovations in filmmaking. And our newest podcast, WMM Film Central, which boasts an impressive following since its recent launch in 2015.

▶ Community Funded Films – WMM has successfully rocked 3 Kickstarter campaigns, directly financing 18 community curated short films and recently adopted a Patreon campaign (becoming the first fully community funded production company and collective).

▶ Screenings – WMM has held multiple packed (and profitable) screenings to spotlight short films that have come the WMM community, as well hosting a Monthly Screening Series in which feature films are paired with shorts from inside and outside the immediate WMM community, to foster more networking opportunities to filmmakers. We are also hosting our 3rd Annual WMM Film Festival, a series of screenings held in conjunction with the Hollywood Fringe Festival featuring community created content.

▶ Equal Writes – A feature film screenplay and pitch competition produced in collaboration with Effie Brown’s Duly Noted Inc., Equal Writes (www.EqualWritesFilm.com) was designed to get deserving writers face to face with producers and financiers able to make their stories a reality. It was filmed in front of a live audience of hundreds.

▶ We Make Movies For-Hire – WMM is currently developing and producing original and branded content for multiple companies. Clients are drawn by WMM’s innovative philosophy, wealth of resources, and ability to deliver exceptional value for their investment.

▶ International Expansion – WMM Toronto was launched in the summer of 2012 and has completed several successful Kickstarter campaigns. They also regularly hold packed workshops and events, and enjoy alliances with such notable organizations such as The Toronto International Film Festival.

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