WMM Film Geeks Podcast #95: 2015-10-11

Chad & Garrett host the 95th installment of Film Geeks.

Tune in with LIVE questions and comments and we’ll answer them on the air & as always, please rate the show on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wmm-film-geeks/id641392175?mt=2  —  it will help other people find the show!

This week, the Geeks talked about:
“Aram, Aram” By Longtime WMM Member Chris Chambers Opening at the Americana in Glendale This Friday Night – & A Special WMM Screening Tuesday, Oct 20th @7pm
• Pan Flopped, Predictably
• Holograms (or Huma-Grams) Are Coming to Make Your Life Look Like the Minority Report
• Marvel Cinematic Universe Rumors Have Been Flying Around About the “Inhumans” Movie Being Cancelled, But They’re Apparently JUST Rumors
• Original Content is Coming Via ClaroVideo, But Books Aren’t Going Anywhere

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