WMM: Film Central #11 – Is YouTube good for Content Creators? (Feat. Valentina Vee)


Awhile back, Sam wrote a rant about how Youtube wasn’t good for creators.  Valentina Vee, writer of WMM’s New Media Mondays,  vehemently disagreed with him, so he invited her onto Film Central to come talk about it… then Sam took a few months off from doing the podcast, so this interview got postponed… but that was a good thing  because the landscape for YT creators has changed a bit, and Valentina has been following all of it.   Sam and Valentina talk about how to make the most of Youtube, what kinds of creators it’s for, whether Pewtie Pie is fairly paid, why Google probably doesn’t have the interests of its creators in mind, and what creators are doing about it… and just a ton of other stuff.  If you have any interest in releasing your own video digitally, whether it’s on Youtube or elsewhere, you need to listen to this.

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