WMM: Film Central #09 – The Past, Present, and Future (Feat. Neil Smith)

On this episode of Film Central, the real life Doc Brown of the Post Production Industry, Neil Smith, is on the show.  We talk about how the SHARESTATION, Lumaforge’s new shared storage solution, came to be, why XSAN is dying, why most people get angry at their shared storage, virtual reality, video literacy, and the past, present, and future of video.  Neil knows more about computer hardware and file systems than anyone you’ve ever met, and he’s been in the game since his days at Microsoft with Bill Gates. If you’ve been looking for your Flux Capacitor to get your DeLorean working… Neil probably has it lying around in his lab somewhere.


This podcast is also brought to you in part by Lumaforge, a place where problems for Creative Professionals get solved.  Their solution for group workflow, the SHARESTATION, is available now over at www.lumaforge.com.

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