WMM: Film Central #08 – Focus-ing on FCPX (feat. Mike Matzdorff)

This week’s Film Central is a long time coming… Sam’s been waiting almost two years to talk about this.  In case you haven’t heard, a little movie starring Will Smith called Focus was edited using FCPX.  The first assistant editor on Focus, Mike Matzdorff, dropped by Film Central to talk about how it all came together, what was done, where things are headed, and why you should get his new book, Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow, which was written based on his experiences on the movie.  BTW, a brief special thanks to lead editor Jan Kovac and directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.  It was an honor to get to work with all of you on this, and I think it’s going to change the way people make movies for quite some time.  Congrats on the release, guys!


This podcast is also brought to you in part by FCPWORKS (www.fcpworks.com), and if you’re going to NAB this year, your first stop should probably be at the FCPWORKS suite.

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  • max headroom

    A very good audio article. I like to hear your point of view ( Sam ). I for one see much the same way as you may. in full disclosure, I am not in the industry, but am a trainer. I feel that it should be a given ( FCPX ). ease of use,power and potential( etc,etc…..)

    There are many worlds out there, I am very curious about the film industry, and its many practices. What a service that you provide ( Mike Matzdorff ” new book, Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow”). For sure many, many people out there love knowing about the industry and maybe how to enter it.

    Thanks very enjoyable and interesting!!!!!!