WMM: Film Central #07 – Lumberjacked (Feat. Philip Hodgetts)

This episode of Film Central is with the smartest man in post production, the one and only Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance. Sam talks with Philip about his solution for documentary, reality, and non-scripted projects, Lumberjack, and then they dive in to things like metadata and what it’s like to run a small software company. If you want to find out more about Philip and Intelligent Assistance, you’re going to want to go to the following links:





This podcast is also brought to you in part by FCPWORKS (www.fcpworks.com), and if you’re going to NAB this year, your first stop should probably be at the FCPWORKS suite.

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  • canelson

    Hey! About how to improve the audio quality, the only *free* solution I could come up with is to ask the guest to use headphones and create a new audio recording using Quicktime X. Record all the interview and when it ends, he can export the audio and send it to you by wetransfer or dropbox. You can import his audio in your DAW and replace the audio from the guest you captured from Skype to this locally recorded version. This way you’ll skip any audio/bandwidth/compression problem between his internet connection to Skype and from Skype to your computer.

    Hope it helps.