WMM Film Central Podcast: #01: Chris Fenwick

We Make Movies Film Central is all about how to thrive in the film business.  Hosted by We Make Movies (www.wemakemovies.org) CEO/Founder Sam Mestman, WMM Film Central is an unfiltered discussion about the film business that aims to cut through the confusion and misinformation keeping filmmakers from creating sustainable careers in the movie industry. If you’ve got an interest in real information about the production, post production, and distribution process… you’ve come to the right place.This podcast is brought to you in part by FCPWORKS (www.fcpworks.com) and We Make Movies (www.wemakemovies.org)


In the inaugural Film Central podcast, Sam talks with Chris Fenwick, famed bay area editor and host of the popular podcasts Digital Cinema Cafe and FCPX Grill. They discuss the path of strategies for survival in the film/tv business, and whether doing it in the first place is even a good idea (spoiler alert: it depends how bad you want it and what’s really motivating you).

FCPX Grill:

Digital Cinema Cafe:

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