WMM: Film Central #04 – The Uber of Filmmaking (Chad Kukahiko)

We Make Movies’ COO Chad Kukahiko comes on to the show to talk to Sam about We Make Movies’ (www.wemakemovies.org) transition into becoming the world’s first community funded production company and why WMM likes to think of itself as the “Uber of filmmaking”. They also talk about the state of the industry, why people become douchebags in the film industry, where We Make Movies might be heading, and how WMM became what it is today. If you’ve wanted to get a better understanding of what We Make Movies is, why it moved to a membership model, how it works, and what the big picture plan for all this stuff is, this episode is for you. And if you’re interested in becoming a part of We Make Movies, check out https://www.patreon.com/wemakemovies

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We Make Movies Film Central is all about how to thrive in the film business.  Hosted by We Make Movies (www.wemakemovies.org) CEO/Founder Sam Mestman, WMM Film Central is an unfiltered discussion about the film business that aims to cut through the confusion and misinformation keeping filmmakers from creating sustainable careers in the movie industry.  If you’ve got an interest in real information about the production, post production, and distribution process… you’ve come to the right place.FCPX Grill:

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