How We Make Movies – “MISSIONARY”

Director Anthony DiBlasi and Distribution Partner Ryan Turek talk about the making of his new thriller MISSIONARY which is released on Halloween this year. The film is about Katherine (Dawn Olivieri), a struggling mother trying to create a better life for her and her son. She meets Elder Brock (Mitch Ryan), a handsome Mormon missionary with a troubled past and they begin an incendiary love affair. But when Katherine reunites with her estranged husband, Brock’s obsessions and insanity take over as he can’t accept that things are over. He stops at nothing to prove to her that they are destined to be together forever by God’s will.

HWMM: Missionary – Internship to Opportunity

Director Anthony DiBlasi talks about how a key internship lead to his success as a director in Hollywood.

HWMM: Missionary – Navigating Distribution

Distribution Partner Ryan Turek discusses the nuances of navigating the complexities of distribution in the current marketplace.

HWMM: Missionary – Nudity In Horror

Director Anthony DiBlasi and Distribution Partner Ryan Turek discus what it takes to make a nude scene happen in a feature film. The complications can be intricate.




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