How We Make Movies – “The Moving Picture Co. 1914”

Mark Kirkland is known for his work on The Simpsons, A Letter from Home and most recently, his short, The Moving Picture Co. 1914, which is up for Academy Consideration. He was joined onstage by his father, the noted photographer and filmmaker Douglas Kirkland. Douglas has worked on the sets of over 100 motion pictures. The short film features a cameo of “Weird” Al Yankovic as a silent film actor portraying Jesus in the Last Supper. Douglas Kirkland shares his on set photos, including ones with Sammy Davis Jr., Charlie Chaplain, and Mary Pickford.

HWMM: The Moving Picture Co. 1914 – Antique Moving Camera Demo

Mark Kirkland demonstrates how to use a vintage Bell and Howell 2709 camera used in the silent era, designed in 1912.

HWMM: The Moving Picture Co. 1914 – Hollywood & the Pinkertons

Mark Kirkland discusses the beginnings of Hollywood, when independent producers traveled west to get away from the east coast Pinkerton patent holders.

HWMM: The Moving Picture Co. 1914 – Proud Father

Legendary photographer Douglas Kirkland talks about how proud he is of his son, Mark Kirkland.

Please also enjoy these pics taken by Douglas Kirkland for our community!


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