Sketch / Long Form Improv Night August 13th

Where: Theatre Asylum (6320 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, Ca 90038)
When: August 13th at 7:30 pm
Why: To help generate unexpected ideas for use in your writing & to develop content for our WMM Sketch Show
Bonus: Free wine and snacks… & other goodies provided by our generous sponsors (look below)!

Sketch / Long Form Improv Night – How It’s Run
10 2-4 page sketches will be performed with scripts in hand
10 minute intermission
Ballots handed out for voting on the sketches
3-5 long form improv scenarios will be acted out
Ballots will be collected for the 10 sketches
As Ballots get tallied, a short form improv game will be played

The 3 sketches with the most votes will be announced at the end of the night & will be filmed at YouTube Studios. *This assumes WMM’s continued usage of the YouTube studios, as well as all parties agreeing to the rules stated below and contingent on signed contracts.

Actors: To get cast in the workshop please email with Actor by August 8th in the subject line. *This casting is for the workshop only and does NOT imply you will be cast in the actual filming if the project is selected.

Writers: please note there are TWO different deadlines for Improv Night

To submit an IMPROV IDEA, email the following to by August 8th with Improv Idea in the subject line:

Summary – keep it short and sweet. A 2-3 line summary of your idea is ideal
Character Names – A list of all characters in the scenario (no more than 6 please, 9 if it’s easy to split into 3 groups of 3)
Character &/or Scene Breakdown – Additional Info that will help the actors create the type of scene / dialogue / characters you are looking for. Again, please keep this brief. The more room you give actors to play, the more fun it can be.
Please keep in mind we will break up the actors into groups of 2-3 in order to maintain order of the scenario.)
Improvs can be dramatic or funny, but only comedy sketches will be selected for the Sketch portion of the evening.

To submit a 2-4 page comedic SKETCH:

*By submitting a sketch, you are agreeing to the rules below (note changes please), otherwise the sketch will not be filmed by WMM even if it wins the most votes. If you agree to the rules below, please submit your SKETCH in PDF format to with Sketch in the subject heading, by midnight, August 6th (extended deadline!)

Also, please note that for this round we are looking for Halloween themed sketches – this means horror comedy, as opposed to straight-up horror – and the same rules apply as usual (look below.) 


1. Scripts must be at least 2 pages and no more than 4 pages. 1 word over 4 pages will disqualify your sketch from being read.
2. All scripts must be PROPERLY formatted using professional screenplay writing software such as Celtx (free!) or Final Draft. This ensures your script is not actually longer then the maximum 4 pages. If you’re unfamiliar with proper formatting please check out this great tutorial by Garrett Robinson:  If you fail to follow proper formatting your script will be disqualified.
3. At this time we are unable to accommodate scripts requiring exterior shots or cars. Please try and keep your sketch to one, interchangeable interior location. 
4. If your script is voted into the top 3, writers may staff only 1 choice for production in either cast or crew, not both. That position may not be the director or DP, which WMM will be in charge of procuring. Actor/Writers, that means if you’ve written a role for yourself, great, you’re in – but the rest of the casting is up to WMM.
5. Only 1 sketch per writer will be allowed in the top 10 sketches to be read during the workshop.
6. The completed sketch must air on the WMM originals YouTube channel BEFORE it airs anywhere else, including festivals and other websites.
7. WMM maintains non-exclusive rights to screen the completed sketches in any and all media in perpetuity, especially on our YouTube Channel and to promote WMM and the WMM Sketch Show. Writers maintain rights to their script and will receive a digital copy of the final production to use for their own purposes.
8. WMM maintains all creative control over production and post-production of the 3 selected sketches, including casting and improv during filming.
9. If a writer wants to become a director or DP, they must have fulfilled a crew position on a previous WMM Originals sketch production, and pass approval of the WMM production crew – mainly WMM founder Sam Mestman. Note: An actor position does not fulfill that requirement. Crew only.
10. Please submit scripts 12 days prior to the actual event, as we need time to read and cast all the sketches. New deadlines will always appear on the site, on our social media sites and in the newsletter.
NOTES:Your sketches will more likely appear in the top 10 sketches that actually make it to the workshop if:

1. They have been workshopped in a previous long form improv at Improv/Sketch night.
2. They are tailored to the sets available at YouTube. Due to the nature of the rotating sets at YouTube, we do not always know what sets will be available to shoot on. It is best to write for a location that is interchangeable with something they may have available. As soon as we know what sets are available, they will be posted here (on the website), on our social media sites, as well as in the next outgoing newsletter.
3. They are only on one set location, and are easily film-able in 4 hours or less. (1/3 a 12 hr production day. We film all 3 sketches in 1 day)

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