Sexy (painfully recent) Single Chefs! “Top Divorced Chef” WMM Sketch #15

Welcome to the season finale of TOP DIVORCED CHEF! After our 21 formerly-espoused chefs contended for the title, we’ve whittled them down to just two!

Garrett Robinson- Director/Editor – @GarrettRAuthor
Laura Mannino – Writer/Samantha- @LauraMannino
Brendan Weinhold – Dan – @BrendanWeinhold
Jay Lindsay – Announcer – @jaylindsay_
Whit Spurgeon – Bill – @WhitSpurgeon
Nathan Paul – Joe – @NathanPaul_
Aubrey Mozino – Hot Mess Contestant – @AubreyMozino
Nathan Paul – Showrunner – @NathanPaul_
Aubrey Mozino – Executive Producer – @AubreyMozino
Chadd Dorak – DP – @ChaddDorak
Anthony Pietromonaco – DP – @AnthPietro
Valentina Vee – 1st AD – @ValentinaVee
David McCullough -2nd AD – @DavMcCullough
David Plummer – Op/AC
Kristen Pickrell – Makeup – @KristenPickrell
Brynna Yentz – Scripty/Art Department – @BrynnaRuth
Bruce Birnbaum- 2nd Cam
Jack Zullo- PA- @JackZullo
David Beatty- PA- @DavidBeatty
Jasmine Marie – PA @Jasmine_E_Marie
Chris Valenti- PA @ChrisValenti
Pierre De Jean – Gaffer
Keith Walker – Swing
Philip Ta- Sound Mixer
Peter Mares – AC #1
Eric Altman – DIT – @EricDAltman
Leah Tomasso – PA
Michelle Loucadoux – Endtag Host @MLoucadoux

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