Grip 101 – notes for new grippers

A Best Boy forwarded me this from a past Key he worked for.

I just want to make sure that everybody has the right tools on them. Blade, 3/16 allen wrench , tape measure, multi tool of some kind, adjustable wrench that goes to at least 7/8 for chez boros, small flashlight, trick line, black wrap,tape, etc.
Some general notes. Sorry if you already know these things. Read anyway please.

Grip 101:

“Tune in” to my voice and the DP’s voice. When ever you hear it pay attention.

Always have our gear as close to set as possible in an orderly workable fashion without getting in the way.

We should always have apple boxes next to set. They are our most used tool sometimes. For props, although they should have there own on a big show, and for adjusting actors’ heights and seats.

Some one should always “man the carts”. Always. There will be flag “getters” and flag “setters”. When I call for things they should show up immediately if someone is always by the gear.

Whenever you see a light going up you should automatically make sure it has leveling devices, if needed, and several stands, bags diffusions, nets and cutters of the appropriate size for the light. I should not have to tell you this. It should happen automatically.

After a scene or angle is finished filming we will sometimes sweep the set of all equipment, stage the gear and start all over again. You should get used to this.

Stands: Always put big leg of C stand forward toward weight it is holding.
Keep knuckles on the right. Righty tighty. The right hand rule. Gravity will tighten, not loosen.

Start with top riser of stands first, then work your way to next riser.

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