Karen Zumsteg

Karen ZumstegA Delaware native, Karen really enjoys provoking fun and thought in audiences, whether real or imagined. On-screen, Karen appears in Spud for Inclusion Films, and can be spotted in Pope Dreams with Julie Hagerty, Blind Luck opposite Michael Sorvino, The Next Race: The Remote Viewings, Case Tape 347, and in three Kurt Kuenne films: Shuffle, The Phone Book and Validation, a YouTube favorite at over 2.9 million views.

On stage, Karen performed at the totally solar-powered Electric Lodge twice in 2009, both as Senator Wendy Corsica in the live episodic Affairs of State, and as the evil Ravana in a children’s adaptation of the Hindu epic The Ramayana. Other theatre fun includes Charles Bush’s Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, the original musical spoof Lust In Space, Ibsen’s The Master Builder, Donald Margulies’ Collected Stories (LA Weekly Top 11 Productions of 2005), Sam Henry Kass’ Lusting After Pipino’s Wife, David Ives’ Sure Thing, and Marat/Sade.

Websites: Karen’s reel | Karen’s actors access page

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